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Ellis School Of Dance

& Performing Arts

Terms and conditions

Please print and return to your teacher

These terms and conditions are to be endeared to at all times. Failure to meet with these terms and conditions will result in tuition being refused to your child.

  • All dancing fees must reach miss Ellis by the 1st of every month. 12 equal monthly payments in total. I except if I send my child to class without payment Miss Ellis or other members of staff can refuse tuition to my child until fees are met.
  • All missed lessons are not refundable unless cancelled by the teachers
  • If my child wants to end or begin a new class I will give notice before the start of the new month and await my new revised invoice.
  • If my child wants to leave Ellis school of dance I will give one months notice and any fees paid will not be refunded.
  • I agree that my child will come to class in the correct uniform for that dance subject. Failure to attend class in uniform can result in my child being refused tuition for that lesson.
  • Ellis school of dance in not liable for loss or damage to personal items. Pupils bring these at their own risk.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the dance studio
  • All food should not be brought into the dance studio but can be eaten in between lessons.
  • I will provide my child with their own drinks bottle
  • Parents should not sit in on lessons.
  • If a child has to have time off due to a serious injury or illness half of all dancing fees will still be payable.